ESNT Ambassador Program Application

Application and Selection Procedures for Volunteer Educational Ambassadors

ESNT Local Outreach Programs invite all ESNT members to volunteer to become Educational Ambassadors.

Eligibility criteria for individuals who wish to become an ESNT Educational Ambassador are:

  • Active ESNT membership is a MUST. Your application will not be considered if your ESNT membership is not in good order.
  • You should demonstrate expertise in a defined area of renal medicine.
  • You should be willing and able to free some time (at least 3 to 7 days for one course, 2 courses per year) to teach in a nephrology center.
  • Please send a duly completed application form to esntonline@hotmail together with your CV. There is no specific deadline for application submission.
  • A board of reviewers will assess your application before you are formally approved as an ESNT Educational Ambassador. You will be informed about the outcome of your application within a month.
  • Please note that ambassadors' contact details will not be published.
  • Ambassadors will always be approached by the ESNT to promote contact with the center requesting training.
  • Nephrology centers that you will train and educate will fill assessment form about your activity and efficacy there, so ESNT be able to classify ambassadors and if they can continue in the program or not according to trainee response.

Requesting an ESNT Ambassador

Nephrology centers wishing to receive the visit of a teacher /expert to deliver specific training can fill This application.