Advantages of joining ESNT:

Reduced registration fees at ESNT organized and sub-regional meetings.
Free subscription to Egyptian Journal of Nephrology.
Free subscription to ESNT Newsletter.
Support for training of Fellows within Egypt.
Support for nephrology development in all Egypt.
Support of national and sub-regional associations in the organization of continuous nephrology education.
Fostering research collaboration between Egyptian Nephrology Community and centers in developed countries.

Membership types:

Active member:

  • Have a master’s, doctorate, Egyptian fellowship, or British fellowship, over which three years have passed.
  • Holds a diploma in internal medicine and holds a certificate of a senior specialist (nephrology) from the General Syndicate.
  • Egyptian national, holder of a certificate from a foreign country (other than the British Fellowship), provided that, it is processed by the Supreme Council of Universities with an Egyptian master’s or doctorate.

Associate member:

Any other doctor who does not fulfill the previously mentioned membership requirements.

Documents required to join the Egyptian Society of Kidney Diseases and Transplantation:

Request to join the association:

Request to transfer membership from an Associated member to an active member:

- Services

Hemodialysis center license terms:

- FAQs

  1. Joining application form (to be signed by two consultants from the members of the association)
  2. Most recent study certificate obtained
  3. National ID photo
  4. Picture of syndicate card
  5. Recent personal photo

You can download the membership form from here

The program and speakers should be approved by ESNT and no conflicts regarding the timing of this conference and any ESNT conference.